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50 cal
Service personnel are fatally or severely injured each year as a result of improperly headspacing the barrel when it is being installed in the M2HB .50 cal Machine Gun. The Manroy Quick Change Barrel Conversion Kit provides a safe, inexpensive conversion for existing, serviceable standard model M2HB .50 cal weapons. The standard weapon when converted to QCB configuration provides a new level of safety for operating personnel and also allows changing of the barrels by the operator in 10 seconds or less.

The Manroy QCB utilizes the standard barrel thread thereby allowing the use of normal M2 barrels in the QCB gun when required in an emergency or for training purposes. (When using the standard barrel, the Barrel Support Locating Stud has to be removed and the barrel has to be headspaced as normal utilizing the headspace and timing gage.)

A specially designed, rigid, insulated Barrel Carrying Handle is supplied with the kit, but the standard Carrying Handle will fit the Quick Change Barrel and may be used if desired.

  • Barrels are supplied either standard unlined, chrome, or Cobalt-Chromium Alloy lined, according to customer request.
50 QCB conversion kit
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